St Mark’s Association Day

St Mark's Association is an organisation which exists to maintain and develop links between current clinical and academic staff of St Mark's Hospital, and those who have previously worked with us.

Friday 12th Oct 2018
9am - 5pm
St Mark's Hospital, Harrow

A scientific meeting followed by an Annual General Meeting is held at St Mark’s Hospital each year. The meeting has a high academic content and will be of interest to clinicians working in the field.

St Mark’s Association Day Friday 11th October 2019

Programme will be available soon.

St Mark’s Association members are invited to the St Mark’s Association dinner on Thursday 10th October 2019 please email for further information.

Current Honorary Officers of the Association:
President: Professor Steve Halligan
President Elect: Ms Asha Senapati
Honorary Secretary: Mr Phil Tozer
Honorary Treasurer: Dr Phil Lung

The membership fee is £20 per year. If you are an international delegate the fee is £50 for five years. You are eligible to become a member of St Mark’s Association if you have worked with us in a clinical capacity for at least six months. For questions on how to become a member of St Mark’s Association, contact the Academic Institute on