Frontiers in Intestinal and Colorectal Disease

St Mark's flagship three day annual international conference, with symposia covering many of the most important topics in intestinal and colorectal disease.

Wednesday 27th Nov - Friday 29th Nov 2019
9pm - 5pm
The Royal College of Physicians, 11 St Andrews Place, London NW1 4LE

We are delighted to announce that this year we have three visiting professors. This year, the Sir Alan Parks Visiting Professor is Sebastiano Biondo (Bellvitge University Hospital, Barcelona), the Sir Francis Avery Jones Visiting Professor is Siew Ng (Prince of Wales Hospital, Hong Kong) and the Basil Morson Visiting Professor is Neil Shepherd (Cheltenham General Hospital, United Kingdom). Frontiers 2019 programme


The topics this year will include:

  • Endoscopy Headliners – with live sessions from St Mark’s Hospital
  • Bugs and the Gut
  • Non-invasive GI testing
  • State of the Art Lectures
  • The Benign Anus
  • Live surgery from St Mark’s
  • Emergency surgery in Diverticular Disease
  • Rectal Cancer Surgery
  • Technical Tips Video Sessions
  • Intestinal Rehabilitation

There will be our usual breakfast sessions with the experts and lunchtime symposia.

Thursday 28th November

Breakfast Session 1: Polyp MDT. Brian Saunders, Siwan Thomas-Gibson, Adam Haycock, Maggie Vance, Danilo Miskovic, Neil Shepherd. Delegates are asked to send in cases one month before.

Breakfast Session 2: Complex IBD MDT. Nik Kamperidis, Ailsa Hart, IBD nurse, Siew Ng, Janindra Warusavitarne, Arun Gupta, Uchu Meade, Gabriella Poufou.

Friday 29th November

Breakfast Session 1: Complex Cancer MDT. Anthony Antoniou, Ian Jenkins, David Burling, Claire Taylor, Mani Naghibi, Andy Latchford, Neil Shepherd. Delegates asked to send in cases one month before.

Breakfast Session 2: Trouble shooting Feeding the Surgical Patient MDT – lines, tubes, stomas the lot. Suzanne Donnelly and the Intestinal Failure team. Delegates asked to send in cases one month before.

Our conference app will be made available as well as a detailed programme.

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