St Mark’s Association

St Mark's Association is an organisation which exists to maintain and develop links between current clinical and academic staff of St Mark's Hospital, and those who have previously worked with us.

A scientific meeting followed by an Annual General Meeting is held at St Mark’s Hospital each year. The meeting has a high academic content and will be of interest to clinicians working in the field. The next meeting will be held on the 6th May, 2022.

Current Honorary Officers of the Association:
President: Professor Sue Clark
President Elect: Professor Anton Emmanuel
Honorary Secretary: Mr Phil Tozer
Honorary Treasurer: Dr Phil Lung

Pictured: Professor Sue Clark, Professor Anton Emmanuel, Mr Phil Tozer

You are eligible to become a member of St Mark’s Association if you have worked with us in a clinical capacity for at least six months. For questions on how to become a member of St Mark’s Association, contact the Academic Institute on [email protected].

There is no subscription to be a member of the Association, although we would very much value a regular donation to maintain the organisation. A discretionary amount of £20 is most welcome on an annual basis, up to an amount of your choosing.