Horizons in Intestinal Failure, Rehabilitation & Home Parenteral Nutrition

Monday 12th Dec - Wednesday 14th Dec 2022
8:30am - 5pm
Royal College Of Physicians (And Online)

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A 3 Day course covering all aspects of Intestinal Failure
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Venue – The Royal College of Physicians (And Online)

12th of December 2022

Day 1 – The Basics 




Welcome (Mani Naghibi & Alison Culkin)

Type 1 intestinal failure (Chairs: TBC)
09:00 What is Type 1 intestinal failure & its causes Mani Naghibi
09:20 Managing refeeding syndrome Alison Culkin
09:45 Estimating nutritional requirements Nicola Vernon
10:05 Case presentation Nicola Vernon/Alison Culkin
10:10 Panel discussion
10:30 Coffee break (Meet the experts: Doctors/Dietitians)
Peri-operative management of Type 1 intestinal failure (Chair: TBC)
11.00 Medical management of ileus & obstruction Mani Naghibi
11.20 Drug management of ileus & obstruction Riddhika Joshi
11.40 Surgical management of type 1 intestinal failure Phil Tozer
12.00 Nutritional management of bowel obstruction Dietitian TBC
12:20 Panel discussion All
12:40 Lunch break
Parenteral nutrition in Type 1 intestinal failure (Chair: TBC)
13:40 Vascular access for short term parenteral nutrition Dino Roa
14:00 Debate: All type 1 patients should receive multi-chamber bags For: Uchu Meade

Against: Nicola Vernon

14:30 Case presentation update Nicola Vernon/Alison Culkin
14:40 Panel discussion All
15:00 Tea break (Meet the experts: Nurses/Pharmacist)
Complications during short term parenteral nutrition (Chair: TBC)
15:30 Abnormal liver function: don’t blame the PN – case study Simon Gabe
15:50 Managing glucose and lipid abnormalities – case study Suzanne Donnelly
16:10 FAQ MDT Panel
16:30 Final discussion All
17:00 Summary and close


13th of December 2022 –

Day 2 – The complex


08:30 Registration
08:55 Welcome (TBC)
High output stoma and enterocutaneous fistulae (Chairs: TBC)
09:00 Medical management Simon Gabe & Maryam Clark
09:20 Surgical management Akash Mehta
09:50 Dietary management Lilia Malcolm
10:10 Panel discussion All
10:30 Coffee break (Meet the experts: Doctors/Dietitians)
Prehabilitation and Distal limb feeding/fistuloclysis (Chair: TBC)
11.00 Prehabilitation and preparing the patient for surgery Richard Holman
11.25 Nursing aspects of distal feeding Heidi Li & Riya James
11.50 Nutritional & pharmaceutical aspects of distal feeding Diane Brundrett & Maryam Clark
12.15 Panel discussion All
12:30 Lunch break
 How to avoid PN when the gut stops working – gastroparesis (Chair: TBC)
13:30 Right tube, right route, right patient? Nutrition nurse – TBC
13:50 Optimising enteral feeding Sinead Burke
14:10 Medication optimisation Uchu Meade
14:30 Panel discussion All
14.45 Tea break (Meet the experts: Nurses/Pharmacist)
Intestinal dysmotility (Chair: TBC)
15:15 Medical management of dysmotility Gehanjali Amarasinghe
15:35 Nutritional management of dysmotility Lee Martin
15:50 Management of chronic pain Simon Braude
16:15 Psychological support for patients with dysmotility Calum Moulton
16:35 Final discussion All
17:00 Summary and close


14th of December 2022 –

Day 3 – The Long Term 


08:30 Registration
08:55 Welcome (Mia Small)
Home parenteral nutrition (Chairs: Mia Small)
09:00 Patient perspective on life with intestinal failure St Mark’s patient
09:25 Challenges discharging patients home on parenteral support Dietetic perspective Diane Brundrett
09:40 Pharmacy perspective Roshni Patel
09:55 Nursing perspective Jo Gent
10:10 Monitoring patients on home parenteral support TBC
10:30 Panel discussion All
10:45 Coffee break (Meet the experts: Doctors/Dietitians)
IF & HPN complications (Chair: TBC)
11.15 Managing metabolic complications Suzanne Donnelly
11.40 Managing abnormal liver function Simon Gabe
12.05 Catheter related thrombosis James Willsmore
12.25 Catheter related bloodstream infection under the microscope Simon Lal
12:50 Panel discussion All
13:00 Lunch break
Patient perspective (Chair: TBC)
14:00 An international perspective of HPN TBC
14:25 Quality of life on HPN Alison Culkin
14:50 Long term outcomes, intestinal rehabilitation & growth factors Simon Gabe
15:15 Panel discussion All
15.30 Tea break (Meet the experts: Nurses/Pharmacist)
Difficult decisions (Chair: TBC)
16:00 End stage malignancy and remote discharge Mani Naghibi
16:25 Transplantation Lisa Sharkey
16:50 Final discussion All
17:00 Summary and close

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