Posted on: February 19, 2018

St Mark’s Staff present at ECCO 2018

Congratulations to the IBD team from St Mark’s Hospital at the recent European Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation meeting in Vienna 15-17 th February 2018. ECCO is the largest European IBD meeting with over 6500 delegates. Professor Hart is a member of the Governing Board of ECCO as Treasurer; Dr Arebi is Committee Member of EpiCom.

Particular congratulations to Dr Ibrahim Al Bakir (supervised by Professor Graham and Professor Hart) who presented original data in the Plenary Session on “Shallow Whole Genome Sequencing predicts the Future Cancer Risk of Low Grade Dysplastic Lesions arising in Ulcerative Colitis”.

Also congratulations to Mr Kapil Sahnan (supervised by Mr Faiz, Mr Warusavitarne and Professor Hart) who was awarded “Best Abstract Presentation” for work by the ENiGMA Group on “Core Outcome Set for Perianal Crohn’s Disease”. Research fellows (Dr Segal, Mr Anele, Mr Adegbola, Mr Sahnan, Mr Worley, Dr Bouri) presented their work – total 20 poster presentations.

Members of the team presented the following lectures at the meeting:

  • Professor Hart: “Unmet Need in Management of IBD” & “Probiotics in management of Ulcerative Colitis”
  • Dr Arebi “Pharmacoepidemiology of distinct populations: focus on ageing and ethnic populations”
  • Mr Warusavitarne “Stomas in IBD”
  • Mr Tozer “Glues and plugs for perianal fistulas”
  • Dr Kabir “Developing a colorectal cancer risk prediction tool for ulcerative colitis patients with low grade dysplasia”

Written by: Professor Ailsa Hart, Director IBD Research Unit