Colonoscopy – Insertion, Steering and Examination (CB Williams, JD Waye, Y Sakai) (2001)

CB Williams, JD Waye, Y Sakai

The content of this DVD ROM is aimed to have interest for both beginners and experts. To the majority who still find the technique challenging, we offer it in the hope of illuminating some of the apparent mysteries involved in achieving complete, comfortable and safe colonoscopy. For those who feel they have mastered the technique, we hope there will be further understanding or enjoyment in some of the background materials we present and in being able to see other experts in action. Visiting around the world has shown us that there is no single way that colonoscopy must be performed, but that many of the difficulties encountered are shared by all endoscopists, however skilled. Our hope is that it will be found helpful as both teaching material and in communicating some of the ‘tricks of the trade’ of colonoscopy. This DVD contain many hours of tutorials.