Olympus ScopeGuide 3D Imager (Christopher Williams) (2008)

Christopher Williams

Dr. Christopher Williams Consultant Endoscopist, London, UK

“When we started to develop the electro-magnetic imaging technology for ScopeGuide, I envisioned a system that would allow colonoscopists to feel as comfortable as a tourist driving through the most unpredictable city with the assistance of a SatNav navigation system. Today, ScopeGuide does just that: improving colonoscopy by providing a real-time three-dimensional display of colonoscope position and configuration. The endoscopist no longer needs to rely on ‘guess and feel’ or fluoroscopy to determine the orientation of an inserted scope. ScopeGuide will change the way you see colonoscopy. “Even with 40 years of experience in the field, I think of ScopeGuide as an essential part of quality colonoscopy.”

Some of ScopeGuide’s benefits:

  • Real-time 3D display of position and orientation of the colonoscope
  • Shows the correct manoeuvres to straighten complex looping
  • Electromagnetic transmission coils within the scope create a low intensity magnetic field, which is completely safe for continuous use.