The nursing teams at St Mark’s Hospital follow the progress of patients from their first contact as outpatients through their investigations, surgical intervention and medical treatment, with emphasis on the patient’s comfort and emotional well-being. This partnership often extends beyond the hospital admission, with a focus on helping patients to adjust to the changes in their lives due to their altered health states.

Many of our nurses are recognised as national and international experts, and have written and published widely. In addition to outpatient and ward nursing, staff areas covered by clinical nurse specialists at St Mark’s include:

Macmillan Colorectal Cancer Nursing team

Services offered to all colorectal cancer patients include; information and emotional support, help with applying for grants/benefits, symptom control, discharge planning, referral to and liaison with the Community Macmillan services and other appropriate healthcare professionals (i.e. the stoma care team, dietitians, chemotherapy etc.), bowel management after rectal cancer treatment, and advice regarding local support groups and counselling services.

IBD Clinical Nurse Specialist team

The IBD CNS team offers a telephone advice line, nurse-led clinics (for patient education, information and support), a dedicated IBD day care unit, immunosuppressant blood monitoring service, inpatient care, and an annual open information event (IBD Open Day) once per year.

Specialist Practitioners

Specialist practitioners are senior nurses who have undertaken extra training, such as non-medical prescribing and interpretation of x-rays, and deliver expert care at the bedside. Specialist practitioners work with consultants, nurses and other members of the multidisciplinary team to provide care for inpatients. Once they are ready to be discharged, the specialist practitioner team will provide patients with contact details should they require further advice or experience issues once back home.

Stoma Care

The stoma care department at St Mark’s provides specialist nursing care to patients with a stoma, ileo-anal pouch or enterocutaneous fistula. The team aim to assist patients to physically and psychologically adapt to their new stoma or pouch, using a range of education tools and techniques. They support patients following discharge by providing expert follow-up care in the form of nurse-led outpatient clinics, email and telephone help lines.

Stoma care clinics are run at St Mark’s for patients to attend routine checks if problems occur or further information is required. These outpatient clinics offer ongoing support to all ostomists, colostomy irrigation information, advice and teaching, a support garment measuring service, psychological and sexual advice, and support group information.