The surgical work at St Mark’s Hospital specialises in advanced techniques for the treatment of both common and unusual problems of the small and large bowel and of the anus.

Experienced surgical teams are supported by experts in allied disciplines. There is a strong commitment to the craft of surgery, the analysis of results and identification and development of new surgical strategies.

The clinical interests of the Department of Surgery include all aspects of colo-proctology. In addition to this broad generality much of the work is generated by tertiary referrals within special areas of interests including:

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
    • Crohn’s Disease
    • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Cancer
    • Malignant and pre-malignant disease of the large bowel
    • Screening
  • Proctology
    • Fistula-in-ano
    • Faecal incontinence
    • Haemorrhoids
    • Rectal prolapse
    • Other perianal conditions
  • Polyps
    • Polyposis syndromes
  • Intestinal Failure
    • Short bowel syndrome
    • Enterocutaneous fistulae
  • Minimally invasive surgery
    • Endoscopy
    • Laparoscopy