St Mark’s Academic Institute has run highly prestigious teaching terms for intestinal and colorectal surgeons for many years.

Our postgraduate teaching term is a four week programme suitable for surgeons with an interest in intestinal and colorectal disease.

During your four weeks with us, you will attend lectures and open seminars given by our expert staff of consultant surgeons and gastroenterologists, nurses, radiologists, and dietitians. While you study with us you are invited to observe in theatres and outpatients departments, and are given the opportunity to spend time in the various hospital departments. You will also meet our current research fellows and learn about the experience of studying and carrying out research at St Mark’s.

All postgraduate teaching term delegates are able to attend routine hospital meetings such as grand rounds (weekly in-house educational talks), IBD multidisciplinary meetings, research forums, and radiological and pathological reviews.

The cost of attending our teaching terms is £1,950. All delegates receive a St Mark’s Hospital certificate of attendance upon completion of the teaching term.


To be eligible for St Mark’s postgraduate teaching term applicants should:

  • Be in at least the third year or above of speciality surgical training
  • Have a good understanding of spoken English (to get as much benefit as possible from presentations/lectures)
  • Be able and willing to work in a team


St Mark’s cannot cover the cost of travel, accommodation or other living expenses such as meals and transportation.

How to apply

Applications can be made by emailing the application form and your CV to

St Mark’s Hospital Placement Application Form