Life at St Mark’s

St Mark’s Hospital was one of the world's first specialist hospitals and has made a significant contribution towards the understanding of intestinal and colorectal diseases.

Whilst studying at St Mark’s you will be working alongside a world-renowned team of clinicians and researchers, many of whom have contributed towards some of the greatest advancements in our understanding of bowel disorders.

Academic Institute

The Academic Institute was established in 1993 due to an increasing need to bring teaching and research at the hospital underneath one umbrella. Our offices are located on level 5 of St Mark’s Hospital; if you have an appointment with us make yourself known to the main reception desk on level 3 of St Mark’s and a member of our team will come and meet you. If you have any questions regarding your honorary contract, ID badge, educational courses and St Mark’s meetings such as grand rounds, research forums, physiology meetings etc. then the Academic Institute team can help you.

Research Office

When you begin at St Mark’s as a research fellow you will be allocated a space in our recently refurbished research office. You can make use of ample storage and desk space, and work in an environment where you will be surrounded by your peers. The office has wifi access provided by Imperial College, phone lines (both internal and external) and printer access.

Postgraduate Common Room

The common room is located on level 5 of St Mark’s Hospital along the same corridor as the Academic Institute offices. This is a dedicated space for postgraduate students, observers and other visitors to St Mark’s for quiet study time and a place to relax. The room has a desktop computer with wifi access, a phone line, comfortable seating and a coffee machine. Most lectures and seminars given during our postgraduate teaching terms take place in the common room as well as some other courses running throughout the year. Lecturers can take advantage of our state of the art audio visual equipment when presenting, and the recently installed live links to our theatres and endoscopy suites is used during teaching sessions. Monthly Research Forums take place in the common room, which give our research fellows the opportunity to receive feedback on upcoming presentations.


Northwick Park Hospital’s retail centre, The Square, is located on level 4 and is accessible from St Mark’s. The Square contains a branch of Costa Coffee, the Northwick Park League of Friends shop, “Adam’s Apple” fruit and vegetable stall, and a hair salon. The hospital also features an M&S food store, a W. H. Smith’s convenience store, dry cleaners, and a tea bar operated by the Friends of St Mark’s volunteers.

Living in London


Hotels near to St Mark’s include  the Old Etonian, and Premier Inn Harrow. This is a list based purely on proximity to the hospital and as such as we cannot take responsibility for the standards provided.