Upcoming courses

Discover all the upcoming courses that our expert team have planned for the future. Our courses cover many areas of specialism and can be attended in person and online.

Digital Rectal Examination & Pelvic Floor Masterclass

This one-day masterclass is designed for clinicians such as nurses who want to learn more about pelvic floor and digital rectal examination. There will be an opportunity to try out these skills in a practical session

Study with us

Choosing to study with us will give you valuable experience working alongside our world renowned multidisciplinary team of clinicians and academics.

A consultant and student at St Mark's Hospital.

Honorary Clinical Assistants

Postgraduates looking for a more hands-on experience at St Mark’s Hospital can apply for the post of honorary clinical assistant in either surgery or medicine.

A group of smiling postgraduate students.


St Mark’s Academic Institute has run highly prestigious teaching terms for intestinal and colorectal surgeons for many years.

A group of students in a lecture.


We offer observerships of varying length which provide clinicians with the opportunity to observe the work of St Mark’s Hospital in a limited capacity.

The programme organised by the Academic Institute ensures that we continue to flourish as a leading centre of excellence for the treatment of intestinal and colorectal disorders.

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