Frontiers 2021 Abstracts

Ahmir Ahmad – Abstract 1: Learning curve of optical diagnosis with a resect and discard strategy for screening colonoscopy – preliminary results from the DISCARD3 study

Ahmad, Ahmir – Abstract 2: High confidence optical diagnosis of small polyps at colonoscopy versus histopathology moving towards a new gold standard

Ahmad, Ahmir – Abstract 3: Small polyps at colonoscopy and the nice classification – likely causes of optical diagnosis error

Ahmad, Ahmir – Abstract 4: No surveillance interval change with optical diagnosis of small polyps during bowel cancer screening colonoscopy

Ahmad, Ahmir – Abstract 5: PCCRC cases identified using population-based data may be re-classified as detected cancers when local data is used to perform a root cause analysis

Davies, Amelia – The long-term follow-up of COVID-19 related liver injury

Deputy, Mohammed – The effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on the use of, and outcomes for, surgery in England

Finch, Alice – The impact of prehabilitation and increased post-operative physiotherapy care on Complex Colorectal Cancer patient outcomes

Gonzalez, Raquel Muñoz – Efficacy and safety of EMR in complex colorectal lesions

Iqbal, Nusrat – Improving the assessment of anorectal fistula

Kok, Siu Yan – Improving Psychological Distress Screening in Colorectal Cancer Patients – A Mental Health Quality Improvement Project

Lincoln, Anne – Risk-stratified FIT for urgent colonoscopy in Lynch Syndrome – A clinical service throughout the COVID-19 pandemic

Orlando, Alessandra – Information for pregnant women

Orlando, Alessandra – OASIS From risk factors to effects

Orlando, Alessandra – Systematic review on incidence and risk factors for OASIS in primiparous women

Pape, Eva – The needs of rectal cancer survivors towards the healthcare professional

Prentice, Andrew – Attitudes towards COVID-19 mitigation measures at St Marks BCSC

Prentice, Andrew – Why are most CRC diagnoses in screening eligible adults detected outside the screening programme

Reza, Lillian – Defining and evaluating pouch anal and vaginal fistula

Saifuddin, Mohammad Aamir – Work to mitigate risk of patients with IBD during the COVID-19 pandemic

Yalchin, Mehmet – Mapping field cancerisation and clonal evolution in IBD colons with dysplasia and CRC