Grand Rounds

Grand Round: Laween Meran – Bioengineering jejunal grafts for intestinal failure 12/02/2021

Grand Round – Stella Dilke: The impact of a defunctioning ileostomy on bowel mucosal homeostasis and a novel intervention for pre-habilitation of the microbiome 05/02/2021

Grand Round: Roshani Patel – Restorative proctocolectomy in FAP: can we predict outcome 29/01/2021

Grand Round: Bu Hayee – Green Endoscopy: addressing the environmental costs of healthcare 22/01/2021

Grand Round: Toby Pring – BiCyCLE: Three Years Down The Road 15/01/2021

Grand Round: Andrew Butler – I wouldn’t have started from here: intestinal transplantation 08/01/2021

Grand Round: Peter Duggan – Cryoablation and Cementing, a Vancouver Intervention Experience 27/11/2020

Grand Round: Mohammad Aamir Saifuddin – Reflections on my year as a National Medical Director’s Clinical Fellow 23/10/2020

Grand Round: Asra Saleem – FGM 04/09/2020

Grand Round: Adam Haycock – 10 years of training in the Wolfson 11/09/2020

Grand Round: Angad Dhillon – Advances in polypectomy 13/03/2020

Grand Round: Peter McDonald – A Reminiscence 18/09/2020

Grand Round: Nusrat Iqbal, Phil Tozer – This country has had enough of experts 24/07/2020

Grand Round: Max Pitcher – Eosinophilic oesophagitis, a hard diagnosis to swallow 17/07/2020

Grand Round: Dean Harris – Blood-based detection of colorectal cancer 01/07/2020

Grand Round Special: Anu Obaro – Why I want to talk about racism 25/06/2020

Grand Round: Kevin Monahan, Lottie Swinyard – LYNC: The LYNch syndrome Cancer project 10/07/2020

Grand Round: Vathsan Ravindran, Manmeet Matharoo, Siwan Thomas-Gibson – Challenging human factors 03/07/2020

Grand Round: Sue Clark – Ileoanal pouch dysfunction 22/05/2020