Grand Rounds

Grand Round: Mia Small – A retrospective review on nutrition nurse research & clinical practice 26/04/2024

Grand Round: Alissa Walsh – TC-IBD – The future is now 10/05/2024

Grand Round: Aamir Saifuddin – Can we predict (non-)response to biologic therapy in ulcerative colitis 19/04/2024

Grand Round: Laura Monje-Garcia – Psychological well-being of people living with a colorectal cancer predisposition syndrome – evidence from a systematic review 05/04/2024

Grand Round: Mark Cheetham – Reducing unwarranted variation in colorectal surgery 22/03/2024

Grand Round: Shahid Khan – Prevention is Better than Cure 12/04/2024

Grand Round: Alberto Arezzo – Endoluminal Robotic Intervention in the Colon and Rectum 15/03/2024

Grand Round: Naila Arebi – Therapeutic landscape in IBD 01/03/2024

Grand Round: Lovesh Dyall – Diet and IBD – Navigating a Labyrinth 23/02/2024

Grand Round: Simon McLaughlin – eFTR standard and hybrid techniques – The Bournemouth experience of 54 cases 09/02/2024

Grand Round: Gennaro Melone – Health Care Contribution to the Climate Crisis – towards a one-health approach 02/02/2024

Grand Round: Dimitri J Pournaras – Treating obesity as a disease in the context of colorectal cancer 19/01/2024

Grand Round: Jose Perea – Challenge and opportunity on research of early onset colorectal cancer 12/01/2024

Grand Round: Manmeet Matharoo – Ergonomics in Colonoscopy 16/02/2024

Grand Round: Mattias Soop – Intestinal Failure in Crohn’s disease – epidemiology, prevention & management 27/10/2023

Grand Round: Kevin Monahan – Lynch Syndrome – from bench to bedside 17/11/2023

Grand Round: Mehul Parekh – Prognostication in older adults and tools to help us 20/10/2023

Grand Round: Nicola Hodges – Stratified management of right colon cancer 24/11/2023

Grand Round: Jayshri Shah – Silent Liver Disease – A Case based Approach 8/12/2023

Grand Round: Fiona Sutherland – Implementing the Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF) – 15/09/2023

Grand Round: Sir John Burn – A Geneticist in Coloproctology – 08/09/2023

Grand Round: Gordon Moran – Imaging in IBD – Future Perspectives – 07/07/2023

Grand Round: Calvin Coffey – The Mesentery, Abdomen and Abdominal Clinical Practice 28/07/2023

Grand Round: Jemima Reynolds – Why help young people survive cancer if we aren’t going to help them thrive too 23/06/2023

Grand Round: Rali Marinova – Pouch Nursing Service – Pouch surveillance 16/06/2023

Grand Round: Peter McDonald – From Lisfranc to the Robot – Two hundred years of rectal surgery – 09/06/2023

Grand Round: Jason Rai – Application of radiomics in rectal cancer – 02/06/2023

Grand Round: Jenny Haynes, Anna Brophy – Can QR codes improve your services? 12/05/2023

Grand Round: Implementation of optical diagnosis with a resect and discard strategy in clinical practice – Ahmir Ahmad – 05/05/2023

Grand Round: Robert Kerrison – Barriers to colonoscopy in UK bowel cancer screening programmes – 24/03/2023

Grand Round: Richard Holman, Mike O’Connor – Prehabilitation – Risk, Reward and Rational Decision Making 10/02/2023

Grand Round: Jennie Burch – LARS Initial Intervention Toolkit 24/02/2023

Grand Round: Charlie Knowles – New concepts in the pathophysiology of faecal incontinence 17/02/2023

Grand Round: James Alexander – Immunological responses to vaccination in IBD patients 27-01-2023

Grand Round: Karlijn Nass – Colonoscopy quality assessment and measurement in IBD and beyond 06/01/2023

Grand Round: Ottilie Swinyard – Co-evolution of mismatch repair loss and the immune response in Lynch Syndrome 13/01/2023

Grand Round: Judith Johnson – Burnout – Trends, causes, impacts and potential solutions 20/01/2023

Grand Round: Sam Adegbola – Psychology of dealing with complications 25/11/2022

Grand Round: Massimiliano Di Pietro – Hereditary diffuse gastric cancer – benefits and risks of a timely diagnosis 18/11/2022

Grand Round: Rory Kokelaar – Social Learning Theories, Material Semiotics, and the Social Anthropology of Surgery 28/10/2022

Grand Round: Shaza Mohamed – Robotic surgery in advanced rectal cancer 21/10/2022

Grand Round: Helen Janiszewski – IBD and pregnancy 07/10/2022

Grand Round: Calum Moulton – Epidemiology of depression and anxiety in IBD 14/10/2022

Grand Round: Gregory Thomas – The surgical management of constipation 16/09/2022

Grand Round: Paul Dunckley – South West Endoscopy Training Academy – progress and challenges 09/09/2022

Grand Round: Aamir Saifuddin – Moving towards precision medicine in IBD 29/07/2022

Grand Round: Pearl Avery – Supporting people with IBD: new ways of working and insights from the primary care interface 24/06/2022

Grand Round: Francesc Balaguer – Hereditary CRC: Advances in CRC prevention in Lynch syndrome 17/06/2022

Grand Round: Rachel Baldwin-Cleland – Education, training and sustainability in Computed Tomography Colonography 27/05/2022

Grand Round – Kevin Turner – Supporting surgeons when things go wrong 20/05/2022

Grand Round: Dotun Ojo – Understanding and improving care in pilonidal disease 02/09/2022

Grand Round: Amira Shamsiddinova – Segmental colonic resections for colorectal neoplasia in Inflammatory Bowel Disease 15/07/2022

Grand Round: Kevin Monahan – BSG-ACP guidelines for f-Hb testing (FIT) in symptomatic patients 10/06/2022

Grand Round: Uri Kopylov – Panenteric capsule and Al for monitoring in Crohn’s disease 13/06/2022

Grand Round: Dinh Mai – Implications and applications of volumetric body composition analysis from clinical imaging in disease 22/07/2022

Grand Round: Kai Keen Shiu (Chair: Kevin Monahan) – Defining the role of checkpoint inhibitors in operable early and advanced stage dMMR/MSI-high CRC 08/07/2022

Grand Round: Siwan Thomas-Gibson, Pooja Datt – St Mark’s research and academic metrics 2020 18/03/2022

Grand Round: Adam Haycock – Endoscopy Academies 29/04/2022

Grand Round: Kinesh Patel – Colorectal cancer screening in CF 25/03/2022

Grand Round: Hugh Whitfield – Medical litigation in the UK 22/04/2022

Grand Round: Misha Kabir – Optimising decision-making in the management of dysplasia in IBD 08/04/2022

Grand Round: Christianne Buskens – Performing surgical research in Crohn’s disease 11/03/2022

Grand Round: Sue Clark – The place in research in our challenging professional landscape 04/03/2022

Grand Round: Gregory Thomas – Updates on the surgical management of faecal incontinence 18/02/2022

Grand Round: Nusrat Iqbal – Improving the assessment of anorectal fistula 11/02/2022

Grand Round: Ejaz Hossain – Cancer risk in endoscopically detected polyps between 6-10mm in size 04/02/2022

Grand Round: Christiana Dinah – Embedding clinical research as core business 28/01/2022

Grand Round: Owen Epstein, Faidon Laskaratos – Current status of Colon Capsule endoscopy 21/01/2022

Grand Round: Mehmet Yalchin – Mapping field cancerisation and clonal evolution in IBD colons with dysplasia and CRC 14/01/2022

Grand Round: Siwan Thomas-Gibson – A Dean’s Reflections 17/12/2021

Grand Round: Laith Al-Rubaiy – Follow-up of abnormal liver blood tests in COVID-19 10/12/2021

Grand Round: Harry Dean – Surgical site infection following elective colorectal surgery 26/11/2021

Grand Round: Vicky Cuthill – The St Mark’s Centre for Familial Intestinal Cancer – Keeping it in the family 03/12/2021

Grand Round: Peter McDonald – A Doctor’s Aim – Memoir of a London Surgeon 29/10/2021

Grand Round: Alessandra Orlando – OASIS (Obstetric Anal Sphincter InjurieS) From risk factors to effects 24/09/2021

Grand Round: Matthias Kloor – Evolution under surveillance – towards prevention of cancers in Lynch syndrome 17/09/2021

Grand Round: Faidon Laskaratos – Gastrointestinal neuroendocrine tumours 22/10/2021

Grand Round: Valerio Celentano – Challenges and variations in surgical treatment of IBD 15/10/2021

Grand Round: John Nicholls Prize Part 2 – Ahmir Ahmad, Alessandra Orlando, Mohammed Deputy 08/10/2021

Grand Round: John Nicholls Prize 2021 Part 1 – Lillian Reza, Nusrat Iqbal, Aamir Saifuddin 01/10/2021

Grand Round: Alessandra Orlando – Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injuries – from risk factors to effects 24/09/2021

Grand Round: Phil Tozer – Sex Talk 101 03/09/2021

Grand Round: Andrew Shorthouse – Tulp’s Anatomy Lesson 10/09/2021

Grand Round: Mohammed Deputy – Surgical epidemiology, process and outcome within and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic 30/07/2021

Grand Round: Rehan Haidry – Metabolic and Bariatric endoscopy – 2021 and beyond 16/07/2021

Grand Round: Kevin Monahan, Vicky Cuthill – Mainstreaming genomics in the UK 09/07/2021

Grand Round: Nigel D’Souza – Can FIT fix the 2WW CRC pathway 02/07/2021

Grand Round: David Burling – What to do with incidental polyps 25/06/2021

Grand Round: Randall Jones – Moral injury 04/06/2021

Grand Round: Claire Harrison – Duty of candour – an essentials masterclass 11/06/2021

Grand Round: Lovesh Dyall – Patient empowerment in IBD 18/06/2021

Grand Round: Jennie Burch, Claire Taylor – Nursing research in 2020 – two perspectives 30/04/2021

Grand Round: Andrew Prentice – Bowel Cancer Screening Centre 16/04/2021

Grand Round: Dev Chatterjee, Amar Sharif – Abnormal Liver Function Tests in a patient with UC 09/04/2021

Grand Round: Gehanjali Amarsinghe – Hypermobile EDS: GI consequences 26/03/2021

Grand Round: Laith Al-Rubaiy – How elastic is your liver? The results of a UK-wide cross-sectional study 19/03/2021

Grand Round: Laween Meran – Bioengineering jejunal grafts for intestinal failure 12/02/2021

Grand Round: Stella Dilke – The impact of a defunctioning ileostomy on bowel mucosal homeostasis and a novel intervention for pre-habilitation of the microbiome 05/02/2021

Grand Round: Roshani Patel – Restorative proctocolectomy in FAP: can we predict outcome 29/01/2021

Grand Round: Bu Hayee – Green Endoscopy: addressing the environmental costs of healthcare 22/01/2021

Grand Round: Toby Pring – BiCyCLE: Three Years Down The Road 15/01/2021

Grand Round: Andrew Butler – I wouldn’t have started from here: intestinal transplantation 08/01/2021

Grand Round: Peter Duggan – Cryoablation and Cementing, a Vancouver Intervention Experience 27/11/2020

Grand Round: Mohammad Aamir Saifuddin – Reflections on my year as a National Medical Director’s Clinical Fellow 23/10/2020

Grand Round: Asra Saleem – FGM 04/09/2020

Grand Round: Adam Haycock – 10 years of training in the Wolfson 11/09/2020

Grand Round: Angad Dhillon – Advances in polypectomy 13/03/2020

Grand Round: Peter McDonald – A Reminiscence 18/09/2020

Grand Round: Nusrat Iqbal, Phil Tozer – This country has had enough of experts 24/07/2020

Grand Round: Max Pitcher – Eosinophilic oesophagitis, a hard diagnosis to swallow 17/07/2020

Grand Round: Dean Harris – Blood-based detection of colorectal cancer 01/07/2020

Grand Round Special: Anu Obaro – Why I want to talk about racism 25/06/2020

Grand Round: Kevin Monahan, Lottie Swinyard – LYNC: The LYNch syndrome Cancer project 10/07/2020

Grand Round: Vathsan Ravindran, Manmeet Matharoo, Siwan Thomas-Gibson – Challenging human factors 03/07/2020

Grand Round: Sue Clark – Ileoanal pouch dysfunction 22/05/2020