ENDOcation 3: Polypectomy

Polypectomy Update for Bowel Screening Colonoscopists: a Webinar on Start-to-Finish Polypectomy

Event date: 05/03/2021

This webinar was made in response to requests to both St Marks and the New Zealand Bowel Screening Programme (NBSP) and is presented in association with the NZ Society of Gastroenterology (NZSG) and NZ Association of General Surgeons (NZAGS).

Convenors: Dr Noriko Suzuki, Prof. Siwan Thomas-Gibson, Dr Adam Haycock, Dr Adam Humphries, Dr Manmeet Matharoo, Dr Angad Dhillon, Dr Ahmir Ahmad, Prof. Brian Saunders, Mr Stephen Preston. New Zealand Panel: Prof. Susan Parry, Dr Paul Frankish, Ms Jane Strang, Mr Sameer Memon, Dr Zoë Raos

Learning objectives

  • To understand different polyp classification systems
  • To describe technique and essential tips for polypectomy
  • To improve decision making in difficult situations during polypectomy
  • To understand how to avoid and manage complications in polypectomy

ENDOcation 3.01: Welcome (Susan Parry, Siwan Thomas-Gibson, Manmeet Matharoo)

ENDOcation 3.02 Polypectomy competency for bowel cancer screening colonoscopy (Siwan Thomas-Gibson)

ENDOcation 3.03 Polypectomy and quality colonoscopy (Adam Haycock)

ENDOcation 3.04 Polyp recognition and classification (Angad Dhillon)

ENDOcation 3.05 Diathermy – blue, yellow, and how hot? (Ahmir Ahmad)

ENDOcation 3.06 Know your snares (Adam Humphries)

ENDOcation 3.07 Cold snare polypectomy (Siwan Thomas-Gibson)

ENDOcation 3.08 Hot snare polypectomy – stalked polyps (Adam Humphries)

ENDOcation 3.09 EMR (Brian Saunders)

ENDOcation 3.10 Complications – management of intraprocedural bleeding (Brian Saunders)

ENDOcation 3.11 Underwater EMR (Noriko Suzuki)

ENDOcation 3.12 Adapting the technique – how to tackle a polyp (Noriko Suzuki)

ENDOcation 3.13 How and where to tattoo in the colon (Adam Haycock)

St Mark’s Polypectomy Tattooing Protocol

ENDOcation 3.14 Difficult decisions at bowel cancer screening colonoscopy (Siwan Thomas-Gibson)