ENDOcation 4: Cold Snare Polypectomy

Event date: 12/06/2021

St Mark’s free Endoscopy Education Webinar series for junior doctors, consultant gastroenterologists and endoscopy nurse practitioners.

Convenors: Dr Noriko Suzuki, Professor Brian Saunders, Dr Manmeet Matharoo, Dr Angad Dhillon and Dr Ahmir Ahmad

Learning objectives

  • To understand the indications and efficacy of cold snare polypectomy
  • To describe the technique and essential tips for cold snare polypectomy

References for this course are here: ENDOcation 4 References

ENDOcation 4.1 – Welcome

ENDOcation 4.2 – When should I use cold snare polypectomy – Ahmir Ahmad

ENDOcation 4.3 – Cold snare polypectomy – efficacy and safety – Yoji Takeuchi

ENDOcation 4.4 – Piecemeal cold snare polypectomy – for what kind of lesion – Angad Dhillon

ENDOcation 4.5 – Cold snaring – Brian Saunders, Angad Dhillon

ENDOcation 4.6 – Quiz – Noriko Suzuki