ENDOcation 6: Management of complications in colonoscopy

ENDOcation 6: Management of complications in colonoscopy

11th December 2021

Dr Noriko Suzuki, Prof. Brian Saunders, Dr Ahmir Ahmad; with Dr Sun Mi Ha, Dr Ahmed Shalabi, Dr Ioannis Stasinos. Our special guests, Dr Yoji Takeuchi, Osaka International Cancer Centre; Mr Amyn Haji, King’s College London.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the colorectal anatomy
  • Understand the incidence and management of colorectal endoscopic complications
  • Gaining Tips and Tricks of endoscopic procedure to treat complications

ENDOcation 6.1 – Welcome

ENDOcation 6.2 1 Colorectal anatomy for endoscopists – Amyn Haji

ENDOcation 6.3 Complications in diagnostic and therapeutic colonoscopy – Ahmir Ahmad

ENDOcation 6.4 Management of complications of polyp resection – Yoji Takeuchi

ENDOcation 6.5 Cases: technical tips and discussion – Noriko Suzuki, Brian Saunders