Gut Ecology

Edited by Ailsa L Hart • Andrew J Stagg • Hans Graffner • Hans Guse • Per Falk • Michael A Kamm

Gut Ecology

Our gut flora is a vast interior ecosystem, which is only now beginning to receive attention. Yet, this bacterial reservoir holds the key to maintaining health and to a wide range of disease processes, including inflammatory bowel disease, atopy and arthritis.

In Gut Ecology a world-class series of experts has been brought together to explore this complex system, review traditional approaches and novel molecular techniques, and investigate the fundamental role played by this bacterial environment in preventing and treating disease.

The normal flora of the gastro intestinal tract • The gut microflora: traditional and molecular identification techniques • The gut microflora: functional identification techniques • The ‘unculturables’ • Immune regulation of the normal intestinal bacterial flora • Modification of host cell function by normal flora – a molecular perspective • Bacteria and the regulation of T-cell immune function in the gut • Coeliac disease: a model to study oral tolerance • Effects of prebiotics on human gut health • Genetically determined mucosal immune responses to normal resident luminal bacteria. Defensins and antimicrobial peptides • Defending against enteric infections • Modification of gut microflora: a novel treatment target in childhood disease • Inflammatory bowel disease: rationale for therapeutic focus on gut flora • Inflammatory bowel disease and probiotics

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The ISBN number for this book is 978-1841841397