Ileo-Anal Pouch Surgery for Ulcerative Colitis – A Guide for Patients

Written by Zarah Perry-Woodford; Lead Nurse – Pouch and Stoma Care, St Mark’s Hospital.

St Mark’s Hospital is proud to present its first ever book publication “Ileo-Anal Pouch Surgery for Ulcerative Colitis – A Guide for Patients”, written by Zarah Perry-Woodford, lead nurse – pouch and stoma care, St Mark’s Hospital.

Zarah has worked at St Mark’s hospital since 2002 and as the lead pouch nurse and practitioner since 2005 providing expert care to patients with ileo-anal pouches.

The core aims of the book are to prepare patients who are considering ileo-anal pouch surgery for ulcerative colitis. It covers a wide range of topics, including stoma care, dietary and lifestyle considerations, support mechanisms as well as offering practical assistance for managing potential complications.

This book has been written by medical experts and critiqued by those living with an ileo-anal pouch. We hope it will be an asset for those who may be thinking of having surgery for UC or members of their family who may require information.

“This book is dedicated to all my patients who have inspired me by their bravery and determination to conquer ill health”.

This book is currently out of print and will be going through a second edition. When the books become available again, this web page will be updated with how you can obtain a copy.