Laparoscopic Segmental Left Colectomy (Ahmad Uraiqat, Ian Jenkins, Robin Kennedy) (2014)

Ahmad Uraiqat, Ian Jenkins, Robin Kennedy

This video demonstrates the technique of laparoscopic segmental left colectomy. The laparoscopic approach is rapidly becoming the standard procedure for segmental colectomy and there is increasing demand for surgeons who are skilled in this area.

Laparoscopic colorectal surgery has increased exponentially in the UK and has benefits to both the patient and the institution. When combined with an enhanced recovery programme, significant reduction in length of stay can be achieved, coupled with an early return to normal activity for the patient. This video sets out a safe and reproducible technique for laparoscopic left segmental colectomy and is meant as a useful adjunct to “hands-on” training, allowing the surgeon to review the procedure in his or her own time.