Lynch Syndrome Information Evening 2023

This webinar is a chance to listen to what’s new in clinical management and research. We will cover the national lynch and bowel cancer screening programmes as well as important from the lynch syndrome department.

1. Welcome – Angela Brady/ Bianca De Souza
2. The National Lynch Programme and Bowel Cancer Screening
What’s new in clinical management and research
Kevin Monahan
3. Gynaecology update – Prof Sadaf Ghaem-Maghami 
4. Aspirin update – Prof Sir John Burn 
5. Urological Cancer and LS – Prof Rakesh Heer 
6. Skin and LS Dr Carolina Fernandez 
7. Consultant and MDT Panel questions – all panelists below
Bianca De Souza, Andy Latchford, Vicky Cuthill, Kevin Monahan, Huw Thomas, Sadaf Ghaem-Maghami, Rakesh Heer, John Burn
Question moderators: Laura Monje-Garcia, Anna Koziel and Marion Bartlett.