Stoma and Pouch Care Information Day

Information Day, 25th November 2021

Zarah Perry-Woodford, Rali Marinova, Petya Marinova and the Stoma and Pouch Care Team.


  • Update on St Mark’s Stoma and Pouch team’s move to Central Middlesex Hospital (CMH)
  • Introduce the Stoma and Pouch care team
  • Better understanding on stoma and pouch complications and their management
  • Understand the role of Harrow Appliance Prescription Service (HAPS)
  • Update on latest stoma products
  • Advice on diet for stoma and pouch patients
  • Opportunity to discuss any concerns with the Stoma and Pouch team (Q&A)

01 Stoma – Pouch Care Introduction – Move to Central Middlesex Hospital

02 Stoma Complications – Parastomal Hernia

03 Stoma Complications – Pancaking

04 Pouch Complications – Hints & Tips

05 Harrow Appliance Prescription Service (HAPS)

06 Hollister – Role of Ceramide

07 TRIO Healthcare – An introduction to Sil2

08 Q&A + Patients’ lived experience

09 Stoma Complications and Treatment

10 Peak Medical – New one-piece product

11 Lunch time & Q&A

12 Dietary advice for stoma and pouch

13 Dansac – TRE Technology

14 Q&A + Goodbye