The Ileoanal Pouch: A Practical Guide for Surgery, Management and Troubleshooting

By Janindra Warusavitarne (Editor), Zarah Perry-Woodford (Editor).

This book gives a comprehensive overview of surgery that results in creating an ileoanal pouch or continent ileostomy. It deals with the entire journey of pouch surgery starting from patient selection and counselling to technical tips and tricks and ending in managing pouch function and failure. Containing a patient experience section this volume helps clinicians better understand what a patient expects from the ileoanal pouch.

This is a very specialised topic but one that is covered very poorly and this book has the potential to consolidate all that is known about the topic to provide a comprehensive overview on the surgery and its consequences.

Please note this book is not sold by St Mark’s Hospital and can be obtained from other book sellers.