Frontiers in Colorectal and Intestinal Disease 2024

Save the date (Nov 20–22, 2024) for our 22nd Annual Frontiers in Colorectal and Intestinal Disease with a spotlight on 'Tackling uncertainty in colorectal disease'.

Wednesday 20th Nov - Friday 22nd Nov 2024
9am - 5pm
Glaziers Hall, London Bridge SE1 9DD


Register now (Nov 20–22, 2024) for our 22nd Annual Frontiers in Colorectal and Intestinal Disease with a spotlight on ‘Tackling uncertainty in colorectal disease’.

Frontiers 2024 programme

It is my pleasure and privilege as Dean of St Mark’s Academic Institute to welcome you to London to our 22nd Annual Frontiers in Colorectal and Intestinal Disease. This year the focus is tackling uncertainty in colorectal disease. We look forward to welcoming a face-to-face audience to the magnificent Glaziers Hall, 9 Montague Place, London Bridge, London, SE1 9DD. 

In addition, we are delighted to welcome our online audience from around the world. We will be making full use of high quality audio visual facilities to give our audience an excellent experience, whether you are with us in person, or joining us from elsewhere in the world.

The Congress will cover a broad range of topics, all of which are multidisciplinary, and encompass real issues that we deal with day-to-day in our clinics, presented by leading experts. 

We will also present cutting edge research, and are honoured to have Millie Long (USA) as our Sir Francis Avery Jones Visiting Professor, Antonino Spinelli (Italy) as our Sir Alan Parks Visiting Professor, Matt Rutter (UK) as our John Lennard-Jones Visiting Professor, and Christianne Buskens (Netherlands) is the presenting the Basil Morson State of the Art Lecture.

We will combine medical, endoscopic, radiological, oncological, surgical, nursing and nutritional expertise throughout the programme, and also ensure that our patients’ voice is loudly heard.

The Congress is organised into a number of plenary sessions: 

On Wednesday, we have sessions entitled The Crohn’s Disease Paradigm: Shifting Sands; The Thickened Ileum: More Than Meets the Eye; Overcoming the Taboo of Perineal Injuries; and Rectal Challenges. 

On Thursday, we have two seminar rooms, The Frederick Salmon Room features To Reconstruct or Not: Rectal Cancer and IBD; Acute Anastomotic Leaks: Avoidance and Coping Strategies; Endoscopy: is the intervention the right one?; and Endoscopy: advanced polyp management. The Cuthbert Dukes Room presents The In-Betweeners: Bridging the Adolescent Gap; Managing IBD in the Golden Years; and Complex Cancer: How to Achieve the Goldilocks Operation.

On Friday, the Salmon Room sessions are 100 year of polyposis, and new challenges; The Unmet Needs in Early Onset Colorectal Cancer; and The Problematic Pouch. The Dukes Room sessions are Turning the Tide on Refractory IBD; Uncertainties in Intestinal Rehabilitation; and Small Bowel, Big Dilemmas. 

We conclude our symposium with a session with all the leading lights coming together for what should be an enlightening and entertaining discussion, ‘Leadership in Healthcare at a Time of Uncertainty – Patient-Centered Change During Uncertain Times’. 

We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all supporters for their asssitance and contribution to this Congress.

We hope that you will find the next few days interesting, stimulating, educational and, at times, controversial.

We wish you an enjoyable time in London for the 22nd Meeting of the Frontiers Congress.

If you have a specific query, you can contact us on [email protected]. We look forward to welcoming you to another fantastic conference, see you there!

Prof. Naila Arebi, Dean

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