Honorary Clinical Assistants

Postgraduates looking for a more hands-on experience at St Mark’s Hospital can apply for the post of honorary clinical assistant in either surgery or medicine.

This is a training period which enables delegates to participate in surgery or medicine while also providing the opportunity to undertake research. During your stay trainees are invited to attend nearly all academic events and courses taking place at the hospital free of charge.

Honorary clinical assistants are attached to a member of St Mark’s consultant staff who will act as your supervisor, and for the duration of your sta,y you will form part of the consultant’s surgical or medical team. There will also be the opportunity to become involved with other clinics and sessions at the discretion of the consultant involved. The minimum duration of an Honorary Clinical Assistant post is normally three months. Most delegates elect to stay for six months to a year..

The cost of visiting St Mark’s as an Honorary Clinical Assistant depends on the amount of time you stay with us:

3 months: £1,500
3 months to one year: £2,250

GMC Registration

All applicants must be eligible for GMC registration. All clinicians from EU countries are eligible, but to have full registration with license to practice you must first sit and pass the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam. Please note that we do accept applicants who have GMC registration without full license to practice however these applicants will not be authorised to see patients or do on-calls unsupervised.

GMC regulations will vary according to which country your medical training took place in and your level of English.


St Mark’s cannot cover the cost of travel, accommodation or other living expenses such as meals and transportation. Students must self-fund, unless individuals can obtain educational sponsorships or funding from their training universities.

How to apply

Applications can be made by emailing the application form and your CV to [email protected] Please note that we cannot guarantee you will be given your preferred dates; visitors are welcome depending on the availability of the hospital.

St Mark’s Hospital Placement Application Form