Luke Hanna


Luke is a Gastroenterology trainee whose research work is focused on perianal Crohn's Disease and investigating the immunological pathways involved in fistula formation

Luke graduated from Barts and The London School of Medical and Dentistry in 2015. Whilst studying in East London, he completed an intercalated degree in Experimental Pathology, with first class honours, focusing on microRNAs in stricturing Crohn’s Disease. He spent his foundation and core medical training working as a junior doctor in Sussex, before specialising as a Gastroenterology registrar in Wessex in 2019.

He has taken time out-of-training to undertake a research PhD at St. Mark’s Hospital and Imperial College London. His work is focused on perianal Crohn’s Disease and he is interested in improving outcomes in complex IBD. He is aiming to undertake a mixture of clinical and laboratory-based projects focused on perianal fistulae and the immunological mechanisms underlying fistulating disease.