Our Research Fellows

We are committed to research, training and education in all aspects of intestinal and colorectal disorders. We have an active research programme with over 15 research fellows based at St Mark's.

We aim to create and sustain an environment in which our research fellows are supported throughout their training. Research forums take place monthly, in which fellows can prepare for upcoming presentations and receive valuable feedback from their peers and supervisors. A variety of workshops are also organised for fellows to take part in to support their research.

The activities of the Academic Institute and its research fellows are coordinated by the Research Coordinator.

Our current Research Fellows include:


  • Aamir Saifuddin

    BA (Oxon)  BM.BCh (Oxon)  MRCP (London)  ESEGH  AFFMLM

    Aamir is a gastroenterology registrar and a Research Fellow at St Mark's, completing a PhD. Aamir completed his medical training at the University of Oxford, during which he completed a BA in Infection and Immunity.

  • Amira Shamsiddinova

    Amira is a Surgical trainee in the East of England, currently taking time out of training for research. She is working on surgical management options for neoplasia in IBD, exploring the risks and patient attitudes towards these.

  • Charlene Sackitey

    BSc (Hons), MBChB, MRCS

    Charlene is the rectal vaginal fistula (RVF) research fellow undertaking her PhD in the Fistula Research Unit at St Mark’s Hospital.

  • Charlotte Wong


    Charlotte is currently a Clinical Research Fellow at St Mark's Hospital under the supervision of Dr Naila Arebi. Her work centres around improving the delivery and quality of the IBD advice line and core outcomes.

  • Dinh Mai

    Dinh is undertaking research into the use of artificial intelligence driven volumetric body composition analysis and the clinical potentials for individualised analysis treatments such as chemotherapy dosing for colorectal cancer. He is supervised by Mr Ian Jenkins as part of the BiCyCLE group.

  • Dotun Ojo

    Dotun is undertaking a PhD in Pilonidal disease, aiming to improve management and surgical techniques and to understand risks predisposing to recurrent disease.

  • Eman Alkizwini

    MBBS BSc (Hons) MRCS

    Eman is currently undertaking research into the reduction of surgical site infections within closed surgical incisions using negative pressure wound therapy, and the associated economic implications under the supervision of Ms Carolynne Vaizey and Mr Janindra Warusavitarne.

  • Harry Dean

    BM BSc PGCert(dist) MRCS FHEA

    Harry has been training in colorectal surgery in the Severn deanery. He is a clinical research fellow at St Marks investigating surgical site infection following colorectal operations.

  • Ioanna Drami

    BSc (Hons), MSc, MBChB, MRCS

    Ioanna is undertaking research into body composition manipulation in colorectal cancer, as part of the BiCyCLE research group. Her primary interest is in the immunological processes driving muscle loss (myopenia) in cancer and ways in which one can arrest these effects.

  • Jason Rai


    Jason is higher surgical trainee in the Oxford deanery. He is currently undertaking PhD investigating the role of body composition and radiomics in colorectal cancer and inflammatory bowel disease. He is part of the BiCyCLE research team under the supervision of Mr Jenkins.

  • Jennifer Fisher


    She is a clinical research fellow at St Mark’s and is working alongside the Institute of Cancer Research

  • Lillian Reza


    Lillian's research is looking at the various aetiology of fistula disease in ileal pouch anal anastomosis and aim to define characteristic features and specific management for these.

  • Lovesh Dyall

    BSc (Hons) MBChB MRCP

    Lovesh is a clinical research fellow in IBD working under the supervision of Dr Naila Arebi at St Mark's Hospital. His research focusses primarily on strictures related to Crohn's Disease.

  • Luke Hanna

    (BSc(Hons) MBBS MRCP)

    Luke is a Gastroenterology trainee whose research work is focused on perianal Crohn's Disease and investigating the immunological pathways involved in fistula formation

  • Mehmet Yalchin


    Mehmet is currently the Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) clinical research fellow, working on numerous clinical trials and focusing mainly on faecal microbiota transplantation.

  • Nada Elsaid

    BA (Hons), MA (Cantab), MBBS (Distinct), MRCS (Eng)

    Nada is a higher surgical trainee in the London deanery. She is currently undertaking an MD under the supervision of Miss Vaizey and Mr Thomas in the Pelvic Floor Unit, St Mark's Hospital

  • Nicola Hodges


    Nicola is currently undertaking research aiming to improve the outcomes of patients with right colon cancer.

  • Rachel Baldwin-Cleland

    Consultant Level Diagnostic Radiographer St Marks Hospital. MSc Diagnostic Radiography, PG Cert CT principles and Apps, BSc Diagnostic Radiography

    Rachel has been the Trusts Research Radiographer for 7 years, and has obtained a PhD Clinical Fellow Position leading the CTC National Training Programme in 2021.

  • Robin Baddeley

    BSc (hons) MBChB MRCP (London) ESEGH FRSA

    Robin is undertaking a research fellowship under the supervision of Professor Siwan Thomas-Gibson

  • Sara Renshaw


    Sara is a general surgeon with an interest in colorectal, and in particular IBD, surgery. 

  • Shivani Joshi

    MBBCh MRCS (Eng):

    Shivani is a higher surgical trainee in the East of England deanery. She is currently undertaking a PhD under the supervision of Mr. Phil Tozer and Professor Hart in the Robin Phillips' Fistula Research Unit, St Mark’s Hospital.

  • Srivathsan Ravindran


    Srivathsan Ravindran is currently undertaking research focusing on improving safety and reducing error in endoscopy and enhancing non-technical skills training through simulation-based education.